How Consignment Works:

The process is very simple. First and most important is that any clothing brought in must be washed, in great shape and must not require any repairs! You DO NOT need to make an appointment, we accept clothes at all times and if Greg (the store owner) is in he will look at them immediately and if Greg is not in at the time, the girls will take your name and number and Greg will look at them as soon as he's available. As well, when you arrive you will be asked whether the clothes we do not happen to take for whatever reason can be donated to the 2 charities we have researched and support. That said, we will not donate anything of great value or fashion-forward items so rest assured that anything donated will only be items you or the store will probably not want. We ask that you bring your items in bags rather than on hangers pleaseā€¦.we have a steamer to freshen up any items that may require it.